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May 26, 2020

memorial day weekending
posted by soe 1:44 am


Ours was a quiet, but nice, weekend. There were bike rides and walks and wildlife sightings. I ate peas from the garden and waffles from my sourdough starter.

I splurged on peonies at the farmers market, as well as more predictable purchases. They made my soul sing.

We finished our Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone listen, and I will wrap up reading Chasing Vermeer after I post this.

We did laundry (we were out of masks again) and repaired a piece of furniture my grandfather built me.

I talked with my folks and with my BFF, Karen. Rudi’s friend, Rachel, dropped off some homemade lemon curd, and we chatted briefly outside — only my second in-person interaction with our friends in months.

And we were scofflaws and took our beach chairs to the traffic circle at the end of our street this evening and soaked up the sun for a little while. It’s my first time sitting outside since March (city parks are closed for lounging and I live in an apartment below ground), and it was glorious. I don’t even care how many bug bites I got. There is a possibility that D.C. will enter into Phase 1 of pandemic recovery as early as Friday, in which case I can soon return to lounging — at a distance from my neighbors — in the park without skirting the law (the traffic circle is technically federal property, and they’re a little murkier about legalities of such green spaces).

I hope you all had a pleasant weekend, too, or as pleasant as possible. Stay safe and stay apart!

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We had a quiet weekend. The crowds of tourists were not masked and not distancing. We just saw them from the truck as we drove to pick up our curbside delivery groceries. I was handling this stuff pretty well, I think, but the last few days have had some periods of sadness. I am pretty sure it is because we cannot go to the barn even though they are opening in July. I should be happy we are all healthy in our family, although we are apart. I just want everyone under my roof for a week and that’s not going to happen. Not even close. 5 books for yoU! Good for you. I ve read two so far and am on a third.

Comment by kathy b 05.27.20 @ 3:30 pm