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July 13, 2011

wip woes on wednesday
posted by soe 11:21 pm

It’s been a while since I shared a knitting work in progress here, so I thought today would be a good time to do so.

I am knitting a pair of Skews. I’m using this pretty rainbow striping yarn, Regia in their Nation line:

Skew #1

I ran into a problem with the first sock, so I thought I’d cast on the second sock while I mulled over what to do with the first.

Skews on Hold

But I didn’t even finish the full set of increases on the toe before running into the exact same problem with the second sock.

What? You don’t notice a problem? Let me give you a closer look:

Knot #1

Knot #2

Yup. Knots.

I realize that large manufacturers consider a knot in a skein not to be a big problem. (I’ve even heard of some companies that feel it’s kosher to give you a skein with up to three knots, but I think we all agree that’s beyond reasonable!) And I could live with it, except, you see, in the ROYGBV scheme of things neither blue nor purple immediately follow yellow.

Yep, they cut out several colors when they tied them back on.

So, here’s my dilemma. Do I suck it up and just knit on (yes, knitters, I would cut out the knots themselves, rather than knit them into my sock) and live with mismatched rainbows? Or do I cut out the length of yarn between the knot and the next repeat of the correct color, knowing this will mean shorter socks? We’re talking yards and yards here…


What would you do?

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July 7, 2011

bright, an hour to read, and in absentia
posted by soe 11:53 pm

It’s been a discouraging week here in the Burrow, with work frustrations dogging both occupants and necessary housecleaning taking away from our normal evening enjoyments. On these sorts of weeks, it’s particularly important to find those little stand-out moments so that we don’t collapse under the weight of Alexander-type days.

Here are three beautiful moments from the past seven days:

1. Our fridge is overdue for a clean out. Not only do I not have dried-out herbs on my fridge bottom any more, but I also don’t have things blocking the light, so the fridge looks particularly bright and cheerful every time I open the door. (I’ve done it a lot since cleaning it out, to be honest…)

2. After a particularly crabby day at work, I decide to retrieve Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and read a few chapters at the local Starbucks, where they have a patio, before sunset. To be honest, after Harry and Hermione’s Christmas visit to Godric’s Hollow, I feel a lot better about how my day has gone.

3. Grey Kitten’s birthday arrives, and he instructs Rudi that we need to celebrate it cross-coastedly. Rudi returns from his dinner run with two delicious cupcakes from our local ice cream shop. His is vanilla mango and mine is chocolate raspberry.

How about you? What’s beautiful things have you noticed this week?

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almost midway but not quite
posted by soe 2:09 am

As the Triple H (sounds like a ranch, doesn’t it?) days of summer descend on us, we are nearly but not yet quite to the halfway point between Memorial and Labor days. I feel like I’ve frittered away the past five-plus weeks and now have to hustle to make some more summer memories for the year.

Here are five things I haven’t yet accomplished that I’d like to do before summer’s end:

  1. Cook s’mores over a campfire (or a grill).
  2. Watch an outdoor movie (or go to the drive in).
  3. Catch a show at Fort Reno.
  4. Rent a canoe and paddle in the C&O Canal.
  5. Go to the beach. Coming back doesn’t have to be part of the plan.

How about you? What’s still left on your seasonal to-do list?

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