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October 26, 2006

kid art, comfortable, and the one
posted by soe 9:44 pm

Three beautiful things from John’s wedding last weekend. (I swear, I really will post about what a terrific time it was over the weekend.)

1. Jason and Essia’s daughters, Nina and Lylia, colored and drew me some pictures. I didn’t have any kid art for my fridge and I didn’t realize how much improved it would be once it was properly attired. My favorite is one that Nina did of herself and Lily with hearts over their heads.

2. John is a college friend (and my first boyfriend), so the wedding offered the opportunity to see old friends. Jason’s family came from San Francisco. BW came from the town where we all went to college. Joe, whom I don’t think I’ve seen since college, came from Connecticut’s northwest corner with his wife and a photo of his son. And Kim (hi Kim!) and Warren came from North Carolina with their two adorable kids, Katharine and Thomas. The last time most of us were together was four years ago at Kim’s wedding, and it’s been more than a decade since we lived under one roof, but it was wonderful how we were able to pick up as if we’d just been away for summer break. If one’s college is one’s alma mater (literally, “kind or dear mother”), then these are some of my siblings.

3. John’s Kim (not the same Kim from above) seems really sweet and complements his personality and quirks. This was my first opportunity to meet her and I’m so happy that she was everything I would want for John. May blessings rain gently down upon them for time immemorial.

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