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January 3, 2008

new jersey, dutch, and a crowd
posted by soe 11:45 pm

I promise that I’ll get back in the swing of blogging again soon. I’m just having a hard time getting back into real life. But in the meantime, let’s look at three beautiful things from the past week:

1. New Jersey has some of the best Christmas lights on the East Coast. Seriously, those people who live within sight of the GSP and who decorate whole streets rock. It makes the drive so exciting and cheery.

2. I like to bake on New Year’s morning, but usually I just make scones. This year, I thought I’d try one of the recipes I’d bookmarked from the various food-blogs I read. So I read through some of the options and settled on Baking Bites’ Pumpkin Dutch Baby recipe — with soy milk substituted for the regular milk. I’d absolutely make it again. And if you didn’t soak it with maple syrup like I did, it might even be a somewhat healthy breakfast treat.

3. Rudi and I have made ourselves a New Year’s Eve tradition since moving to D.C. of heading to the movies for the day. Usually we go by ourselves (because everyone else has lusher plans than we aspire to), but this year Sweetpea let herself be talked into joining us for the trio of movies and our friend Susan and her coworker came downtown for our middle film. After Juno let out, we had some time to kill until the final movie of the night (and year), so we headed to a local pizza joint (much fancier than the pizza joints I grew up with) and the five of us toasted the end of the old year. It was a really nice way to finish out 2007, particularly since Susan and Sweetpea are two of our favorite D.C. folks.

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I was very happy to be included — it was just the kind of low-key New Year’s Eve I wanted. And that you and Rudi happen to be two of my favorite DC people, too, made it all the more fun!

Comment by Sarah 01.04.08 @ 12:23 pm