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November 29, 2017

posted by soe 2:29 am

It’s late, I’m tired, and so I’m giving you a half-assed blog post:

Tasting: Right now, tooth paste, because I’m literally this blog post’s length from getting into bed. But before that it was reheated tea and peanut butter M&M’s (the candy was raw) to give me enough energy to wash the dishes, put away the leftover pizza, and get ready for bed.

Hearing: The sound of Rudi’s breathing. The fridge humming. Traffic outside. Corey sharpening his claws on my bike tire. (Oh, now he’s here to see what I’m typing, so loud purring.)

Smelling: Nothing, which means the litter box soaking in the tub must be ready to be emptied, dried, and put back into circulation.

Seeing: All the bags in my living room. We haven’t unpacked from our trip north and tonight we went shopping for my contributions to our office adopt-a-family charity and didn’t get home until almost 11. We’ve already agreed tomorrow we’ll put everything away after we get home.

Feeling: How sharp Corey’s claws are (Apparently trimming them is also on tomorrow’s agenda.), but how soft his fur is. The warmth of the quilt. The ache in my back. Tired.

Those last items means it’s time to put the computer away and then put me away for the night. See you tomorrow!

Oh, but before I go, one last thing: There’s still time to sign up to take part in the the Virtual Advent Tour if you’re interested! I sent out emails today to everyone who asked to have a date or two, so if you left me a comment (saying anything other than that you’d be back in touch yourself this week), you should have a message from me. Once I hear back everyone is okay with their dates, I’ll post an updated schedule. And I’ll get badges done tomorrow or Thursday in case anyone wants one. We begin on Friday!

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Im overjoyed to join the virtual fun

Comment by kathy b 11.29.17 @ 7:23 pm

I love this peek into the ending of your day!

Comment by AsKatKnits 11.30.17 @ 8:58 am

I haven’t received an email with the date(s) you selected for me.

Comment by Nancy 11.30.17 @ 12:04 pm