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June 7, 2014

48-hour book challenge
posted by soe 7:00 am

I’ve got some time this weekend, so I’m going to take part in MotherReader’s Ninth Annual 48-Hour Book Challenge. I’m listing my start time as 7 a.m., as that’s the latest start time to correspond to 48 hours from the conclusion, but let’s all understand that at 7 a.m. on a Saturday I am “reading” with my eyes closed with my head on a pillow and the lights off.

The goal for the challenge this year is to read books featuring a variety of characters in support of #WeNeedDiverseBooks.

First up is The Skin I’m In, by Sharon G. Flake, whose Pinned I read and loved two years ago when I helped judge the Cybils.

Other books I have out from the library that feature multicultural characters are The Summer Prince, Walk Two Moons, Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass, and The Girl of Fire and Thorns. And I’ve got a bunch in the home-owned piles, too.

Let’s get reading!

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I forgot about “Yaqui”! I should’ve grabbed it; I’ve been meaning to read it, anyway. Ah, well. Looking forward to your review(s)!

Here’s my Starting Line post (7am Friday); I’ve read & reviewed 2 books since then but am currently slaving away at work (read: covertly blogging), so I’ve gotta put off reading for a little bit. I’ll be joining you again soon!


Good luck with the challenge!

Comment by Alyisha 06.07.14 @ 1:02 pm

I loved Pinned and it makes me wonder if Flake has come out with anything recently. I will investigate. Nice to visit– seems like I happen upon your blog from time to time and am always glad you haven’t changed your design, so I know where I am!

Comment by Ms. Yingling 06.07.14 @ 6:08 pm

Hi! I really enjoyed Walk Two Moons when I first read it but just read criticism about the way it depicted Native American culture. Do you have thoughts on that element? And, on a lighter note, what’d you enjoy about the book? I was really impressed by how dexterously the stories weave together. Hope the reading continues to go well!

Comment by Sean "Ho'omana'o" 06.08.14 @ 2:28 am

Oh! I loved The Girl of Fire and Thorns, and also The Summer Prince. Yaqui Delgado etc etc is on my stack also. Good luck!

Comment by Maureen 06.08.14 @ 4:56 pm