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October 7, 2018

saturday evening sight
posted by soe 12:55 am

hot air balloon

As I was driving back to my folks’ place this evening, I saw this hot air balloon coming in for a landing near the town of Pomfret.

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That’s awesome!

Comment by Karen 10.07.18 @ 2:22 pm

awesome photo and a very relaxing one to see on the way home. It’s been a crazy news weekend and seeing this must have felt like a balm 🙂

Comment by karen 10.07.18 @ 4:17 pm

Once in a while we see a hot air balloon coming in for a landing. I saw a miss landing once,…..they landed in a yard between lines and it scared the dickens out of me. I dont think I’d go up in one

Comment by kathy b 10.08.18 @ 3:51 pm