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October 21, 2019

nearby foliage
posted by soe 1:47 am

Our fall foliage season hasn’t been great, but there are several trees in the park by my garden that looked particularly pretty this weekend:

Fall Foliage



Are the trees near you dressed to the nines for the season, or have they already put away their finery? Or, like ours, are your trees opting for a more casual look in neutrals this autumn?

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Ooh, that first one has a nice mix of colors. Very pretty!

We’re having the best foliage season we’ve had in a long time. The caterpillars left some leaves on the trees this year. A powerful storm last week left some trees bare, but the remaining color is really popping.

Comment by Karen 10.21.19 @ 8:53 am

We are about the same with the colors here. It is so lovely to see . I think all our rain earlier may have made for the colors this week. Its windy as heck out there but the leaves are hanging on

Comment by kathy b 10.21.19 @ 7:23 pm