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August 22, 2019

summer sunset unraveling
posted by soe 1:48 am

Summer Sunset Shawl

It wasn’t until earlier this week, when Rudi and I were sitting on the patio of our local coffeehouse, that I realized my shawl matches our summer sunsets. I wanted to try to capture that, so I apologize for the wrongly focused image, but it does catch the glint of the sparkles in the purple yarn better than other shots I’ve taken.

This week’s reading has included portions of a mystery set in wintry 1920s Vermont; a contemporary mystery set in India; a detective novel set in New Jersey in 1914; a feminist guide to linguistics; a graphic novel about Black Panther‘s kick-ass hero, Shuri; and a feminist y.a. novel set in the early 18th century. So mysteries, history, and feminism, basically.

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I have to say that a mystery in wintry Vermont sounds particularly appealing right now …

That shawl is just so lovely!

Comment by Bridget 08.22.19 @ 6:59 am

I agree with Bridget… a mystery in wintry Vermont sounds incredibly divine!

And, shawls that match sunsets should be a thing!

Comment by Kat 08.22.19 @ 8:16 am