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January 26, 2008

my d.c.: topiary
posted by soe 8:55 pm

People in my neighborhood take their postage stamp-sized yards very seriously and like to employ lawn services to help them care for them. Usually, I think it’s a silly notion, but when these two “bushes” appeared at the end of November I did reconsider, at least for the holidays.

Deer Decorations

Deer with Garland Deer with Berries

Darkened Deer Decorations

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Ooo! I do remember that! Some of those tiny yards are the most beautiful I have seen! Quick funny! We moved from the country in TX to DC. We lived in Bethesda and come Christmas time we went out looking for “big lights, mommy! BIG lights!!” In TX there were some BIG lights, (read overthetop, Santa threw up lights) Well, in our Jewish neighborhood, there were NO lights. “No lights? Mommy? Why no lights????? Want to go back Mommy, NOW” followed by wailing and gnashing of teeth (by them and Me!!!)

Comment by KaKi 01.27.08 @ 3:09 pm

Wow those are fantastic!

Comment by Paula 01.28.08 @ 4:19 pm

Wait lawn services for a postage stamp yard? Oh, wait, we are talking DC. But the ones for the holiday are cute!

Comment by Mia 01.28.08 @ 4:52 pm