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January 14, 2019

more snow
posted by soe 1:53 am

Gandhi in the early morning:

Gandhi, 6 a.m.

Gandhi in the early afternoon:

Gandhi, 1 p.m.

After returning home from the farmers market early this afternoon, I didn’t venture further than the end of the block, so I can’t give you any further updates, but it continued to snow for another 10 hours or so after this.

The snow finally tapered off around midnight after about 10 inches and nearly 30 hours of snowfall (in addition to all the flurrying it did yesterday afternoon). It started out fluffy and easy to shovel, but after it warmed up this morning, it definitely got damper and more solid. A peek up at the sidewalk suggests that our mid-evening ice melt application has kept things from refreezing, so a final pass with the shovel in the morning should finish it off on our corner, other than the occasional clearing I’ll need to do to the curb cuts after the plows go through and then when the melting snow floods them. (Woe to those who waited to shovel until the end of the storm. A thousand people tramping down your snow makes for an icy mess.)

The city is shut down tomorrow to allow for cleanup, since roads became treacherous after sundown and they had to pull the buses from service until morning.

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Growing up in Michigan I never understood “closing down to clean up” – and then I moved to Pittsburgh – they close down with a couple of inches of snow.

The snow is lovely, I confess – but I do not have to travel in it!

Comment by Kat 01.14.19 @ 9:02 am