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November 3, 2018

early november weekend plans
posted by soe 1:18 am

I admit to being a little at sea this weekend. But here’s what I have on tap:

  • Do laundry. And I need to get to the bank to procure quarters in order to accomplish that.
  • Watch a movie. I have a discount ticket to see Bohemian Rhapsody, which is playing at the big single-screen theater in town.
  • Ride a bike.
  • Stop by the library. (The new Galbraith novel should finally be in for me!)
  • Shop at the farmers market.
  • Take part in the final cleanup/part of the garden this season. Also, pick the rest of my peppers and dig up my potatoes and any peanuts I grew.
  • Come up with a game plan for cleaning our apartment. (Our Christmas party is in a month.)
  • Finish at least one knitting project and one book. (This week it’s totally doable — I’m on the second toe, and Harry is in the Chamber!)
  • Do some text-banking for a national campaign. I don’t want to, but I should, since we’re down to the wire.
  • Paint my nails. (I didn’t get them done for Halloween and I have some cleaning to do, so I suppose this isn’t urgent, but I think it would make me happy.)

I mean, I know that seems like a lot, but it doesn’t feel like the right lot. And I know it mostly seems like the same stuff I do every weekend, but I feel like it’s missing some element of fun, but the fun stuff going on isn’t my cup of tea. I’m sure it’ll all work out, though. It always does.

What are you hoping to do this weekend? Do you have a plan for that extra hour? Sleep? Campaigning? More time at the bars?

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I hope it is not raining there (it is here) which would definitely put a damper on that bike ride! I just downloaded Galbraith’s 3rd book to overdrive! 🙂

I likewise need to paint my nails – they are a chipped mess!

And, extra hour? Why knitting of course!

Comment by Kat 11.03.18 @ 6:34 am

Grading papers and going to a local festival of the skeletons. Oh and regular housework.

Comment by Christy Clark 11.03.18 @ 10:23 pm

My weekend was overloaded with gaming.
Thursday: Ruins of Azlant (Pathfinder Adventure Path)
Friday: Curse of the Crimson Throne (Pathfinder)
Saturday: Skull and Shackles (Pathfinder)
Sunday: Masks (Teenage superheroes)
Monday: Gem Gnoll War (Ponyfinder – Pathfinder meets My Little Pony)

Of those, I ran everything except Crimson Throne. I definitely bit off more than I can chew this time, but I think people had a good time.

I’m excited to vote tomorrow in ways I’ve never been excited to vote before. I’ve never seen such attention on a mid-term election before.

I’m also excited for more Rock Band tomorrow. The Lemmings of Destruction have a chance to move up the leaderboards.

Comment by Grey Kitten 11.06.18 @ 2:55 am