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October 8, 2018

it’s just the house settling. or is it…?
posted by soe 12:56 am

Today I managed to let a garter snake into my parents’ house through their front door. (They live in the woods. This has happened more often than you’d think.) I panicked. The snake panicked. The dog got very excited. The snake slithered over the first door mat, under the second door mat, and down into the air vent along the baseboard. And disappeared.

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

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Oh dear. A snake. In . the house……well. I hear they are very temperature sensitive so perhaps he;ll just sleep in your house….yikesQ

Comment by kathyb 10.08.18 @ 3:50 pm

Aw. I like garter snakes. I mean, not in my house, but outside where they slither away from me as I walk across the yard. But if you had to have a snake inside, a garter snake is pretty much the least threatening kind.

Comment by Karen 10.08.18 @ 6:40 pm

Several years ago, my parents had property in Wisconsin and had a trailer on it. Not plumbed. We hauled in water from local city park and washed up in a dish in the bath room and a pan for dishes in the kitchen. Water could be heated and the tub used for bathing if you wanted. It drained onto the gravel base under the trailer. Toilet was an outhouse down the path.
One day my dad was napping in the bedroom in the back (you know they have a door), I was reading in the guest bedroom and my mom was taking a bath in the bathroom between the two when my mom went, “Eek!” All the air going out of her.
“What’s wrong mom?”
“There’s a snake in here.”
Yes, there was. A 6 foot King Snake, under the toilet and deciding to head for the back bedroom when I opened the door to mine. The bedroom where my dad was sleeping.
I opened the door to the outside as the snake decided to go up the quilt to the bed. I managed to get a corner of the quilt and flip the snake out the door. My dad never woke up.
Later we told him about it and he pooh-poohed the size. Mom told him, with his heart condition it was a good thing he didn’t wake up and see it there in bed with him.
Later he saw it several times sunning on the path to the outhouse. He apologized for not believing us.
It probably came up the tub drain when the tub was not in use (most of the time) so after that we stoppered the thing.

Comment by Helen 10.09.18 @ 5:10 pm