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September 27, 2007

sophomore, new shows, and mood change
posted by soe 5:29 pm

Three beautiful things from the past week:

1. Heroes began its second season on Monday. It was such a relief to discover that the writers had not slacked off over the summer.

2. The anticipation of the fall tv season is palpable. People ask if you’re planning to watch any premieres and recommend ones they think will be good. And old shows return after time away. Journeyman will live to see a second episode, but Back to You got turned off midshow. We will pull Chuck up on the computer this weekend and Pushing Daisies intrigues. The water cooler gabfest is a lot of fun; feel free to participate around a virtual one in the comments section.

3. I had a grumpy night earlier in the week and couldn’t figure out how to right it. So I pulled out The Ballet Shoes and curled up in the rocking chair when Rudi went to bed. Before I knew it, I’d been sucked simultaneously into 1930s London and into my own second grade year when I first read the story. It’s hard to stay grumpy when that happens.

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Awww, I came across Ballet Shoes while shelving at the library last night and took a few minutes to skim through it. I should pull out my copy – I love those books. I hope the movie lives p to the book!

Comment by Jenn 09.28.07 @ 5:26 am

Fall TV…

Yes, it was indeed great to have Heroes back again. Also it was good to learn the fates of the characters left in the balance last season in this first episode. I appreciate their commitment to not dragging out secrets.

Didn’t catch Chuck, but heard from others that it was worth a look.

Watched Journeyman. Enjoyed it, though the first episode was a little less than I might have hoped for. It’s been described as “Quantum Leap, but he gets to go home” which I think is fairly accurate, but the going home part isn’t necessarily a bonus.

Reaper premiered on Tuesday night. The genre might be a little darker than you care for, but I found it to be really, really funny.

Bionic Woman on Wednesday gave us a modernized interpretation. From the previews I wasn’t sure whether I would like this new version, but still wanted to check it out. I found Michelle Ryan as Jamie Sommers very likable and easy to empathize with.

Yesterday, Smallville returned, and we got to see whether the main characters they put in jeopardy for the season finale made it through. Clark is really outgrowing his tiny home town, and moving on toward his destiny as Superman. Lex is continuing down the slippery slope toward his role as Clark’s supervillain nemesis.

Fridays have the return of Stargate Atlantis, which has always been a little hokey but still fun.

New is Moonlight, though the concept has been done before in shows like Forever Knight and Angel. Vampire good-guy works to fight the protect mankind from nasties like himself. I don’t expect that to be your cup of tea, but it will be interesting to see what mood they go for.

Next week, we get the series premier of Pushing Daisies. From the creators of Dead Like Me, this should be a fun, off-beat, quirky story that happens to provide a different perspective on death.

And in the returning area of shows you probably don’t watch, Supernatural comes back next Thursday. When last we left Sam and Dean, Dean had sold his soul to get Sam back from the dead, and he only has one year before the demon comes to collect. Plus, they accidentally let a whole bunch of things out of hell as they dealt with the yellow-eyed demon once and for all. So we’re in for a season of cleaning up their messes, and Dean becoming more of a jerk while Sam tries to save him… and according to TV guide, hot chick hunters who are competition, not love interests.

Comment by Grey Kitten 09.28.07 @ 1:06 pm