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July 8, 2018

first week of july garden update
posted by soe 1:31 am

First July Weekend in the Garden

Strawberries and peas are pretty much done for the season. I’ll pull out the pea vines this week and stop watering the strawberries.

Garden Flower

I harvested my first tomatoes today. They aren’t ripe, but they had their first hint of color and I’ve learned that if I leave them until they get ripe, squirrels take a bite out of them and then leave the rest. Cheeky buggers. So instead, these — one bigger one and two yellow grape tomatoes — will ripen on my counter. I also had to add some more stakes to my biggest tomato plant, which was leaning dangerously far into the pathway, despite already taking up two cages.

Squash Plant

I finally found a squash plant growing in my garden. I’d put down seeds for them and for beans last month.


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