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June 17, 2007

this is a sucky way to spend a vacation
posted by soe 12:01 am

Pardon the whining. I’m tired. I’m behind with things I’m supposed to be doing for work. It was 100 degrees today. I’m allergic to the house I’m staying in. I’ve spent most of the last three days either at a hospital or doing housework. It’s a crummy way to spend vacation time.

The up notes: Rudi’s mom came through her hip replacement with flying colors. Today’s physical therapy went much better than yesterday and tomorrow we hope she will graduate from a walker to crutches. She has many friends who have called to check in on her — even from as far away as Germany, and her neighbors have offered their assistance to her (and us) in any way we need. I’m glad to see people appreciate Jenny’s big heart and that the love flows both directions.

We have been taking periodic breaks away — mostly to give my immune system a break. Yesterday we stopped by Salt Lake’s beautiful main library, which opened a few years ago. It is everything a library ought to be — with spaces for books and research, and for socializing and studying. They’ve really taken their environment into consideration with a roof garden and large windows facing the mountains. It also has a gorgeous mobile featuring books and butterflies. If we get a chance before I leave, I’ll try to get back to take photos. It may not happen though.

Today we snuck over to the local open air market where I got a chance to buy English peas, as well as baked goods and a lemonade.

And I’ve been clothes shopping at the local grocery store. I know; it sounds weird. But so far I’ve come away with jeans, a top, bras, and shorts. I’ve taken to sending Rudi upstairs to grab the things we need in order to avoid being tempted by more new things. Who knew grocery stores could be so useful?

Anyway, I’m going to drink my tea and eat my cake (it was really all I wanted for dinner) and head home. More updates when I next encounter wireless access…

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Whine away! That is no holiday. I completely understand. Do what you can to get out; maybe you can find a safe haven to do some knitting. You will definitely be in my thoughts.

Comment by Cynthia 06.17.07 @ 2:22 pm

That is definitely a tough way to spend a vacation. I’m glad you all have lots of support and I hope you are able to take more breaks to the library and the market so you’ll feel physically better as well as mentally. ((hugs))

Comment by Debby 06.18.07 @ 9:50 am

I recommend a hearty dose of coloring book therapy for you. Find some time to take a coloring book and some crayons out to a park and soak up some sun while turning a black and white potential into a vibrant expression of your soul.

Coloring is deep like that, but you already knew that.

Comment by Grey Kitten 06.19.07 @ 3:12 am

I’m sorry to hear you’re having such a rough vacation, though I am glad to hear Rudi’s mom is doing OK. Keep your chin up, and continue to have tea & cake for diner — it sounds like a good way to cheer yourself up!

Comment by Sarah 06.19.07 @ 10:39 am

Oh I am sorry your vacation is not well.
Iā€™m also allergic to certian houses. Don’t know why either. I think it might be mold or something.

I hope you feel better soon!

P.S. I have tagged you on my blog. šŸ™‚

Comment by paula 06.24.07 @ 2:56 am