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December 1, 2017

more sunsets, six-year-old buyer, and museum
posted by soe 12:44 am

Three beautiful things from this final week of November:

Another Connecticut Sunset

1. The sunsets in Connecticut were quite stunning. It was quite nice of my parents to order the premium ones for while we were visiting. (I know a sunset made last week’s list, but I just really don’t get to see sunsets that often in the winter…)

2. Karen and I stopped in to the comic book shop in Putnam and the owner shared that the way he stocks stuffed animals is by sitting with the catalog with his six-year-old daughter and buying whatever she ooh’s and aah’s at.

3. I was late getting to today’s Creative Mornings talk at the Renwick Gallery (shocker! It’s first thing in the morning!), but arrived in time to grab the free kolache for breakfast and hear most of the talk about art exhibitions that center around death. Then I got to walk around and look at these miniature homicide investigation recreations put together by the woman who inspired the character of Murder She Wrote‘s Jessica Fletcher. Think macabre dollhouses with an amazing attention to detail. Fascinating!

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world lately? (You can check out other Three on Thursday lists over at Carole Knits.)

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How clever of the store owner to seek the advice of the “expert” when making a order for toys.

The sunset is gorgeous.

Comment by Nancy 12.01.17 @ 10:11 am

@Nancy: We thought so too. Who knows better, right?

Comment by soe 12.06.17 @ 5:56 am