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July 7, 2017

socializing, staycation, and fireworks
posted by soe 3:06 am

A Capitol Fourth

Three beautiful things from my past week:

1. This week has held lots of chances for hanging out with friends: Susan & Phillip had us over for a barbecue, Sarah invited me to a ballgame (which ultimately got rained out, but not before we spent two hours in the stadium chatting and eating supper), my coworker & I walked over to the farmers market this afternoon, and tonight our friends invited us to attend a play with them. We also got to spend the evening at the ballpark with a couple of Rudi’s cycling friends, whose company I enjoy.

Nationals Park at Sunset

2. My office decided it was cheaper to give everyone the day off than to expend the energy to open on a Monday just to close the next day. I responded by asking for last Friday off to give myself a relaxing five days out of the office. There were naps, outdoor movies, swims, work in the garden, Tour de France watching, reading, knitting, a trip to the library, and a couple meals out — one at a restaurant that was closing and one that opened earlier this year.

3. Between Monday’s post-game display and Tuesday’s A Capitol Fourth, we got to see lots of gorgeous fireworks:

Neon Display


Fireworks within Fireworks

Sparkly Sky Flowers

Post-Game Fireworks


How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world lately?

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Much needed rain last night was truly a thing of beauty here!

Comment by AsKatKnits 07.07.17 @ 6:56 am

Amazing pictures! We enjoyed our long weekend and fireworks, too. The year ought to include a few more weekends like that, don’t you think?

Comment by Karen 07.08.17 @ 5:12 pm

Lovely photos. Im glad you got an extra holiday day .
Beauty in my world: The cornfields. ALmost knee high, the horses at the volunteer barn. I am in love with Sharon a beauty of a draft horse. Hummingbirds coming to my feeders make me happy. The full moon last night. My son is home for a bit . So many good things

Comment by kathy b 07.09.17 @ 11:18 am

lovely fireworks 🙂 We stay home and listen to them…Today is overcast and I’ve got a lunch date with a friend that I’m looking forward to going.

Comment by karen 07.11.17 @ 8:21 am

Wow! Your fireworks photos are amazing!

Comment by Jeannie Gray 07.13.17 @ 9:27 am

@Kat: I bet! My is always so appreciative when it rains!

Comment by soe 07.16.17 @ 2:13 am

@Karen: I do! I’m glad you had a nice weekend, too!

Comment by soe 07.16.17 @ 2:14 am

@kathy b: Those all sound like wonderful things! I hope you’ve had a nice visit with your son.

Comment by soe 07.16.17 @ 2:14 am

@karen: Thank you! Is your dog anti-fireworks? I know my parents’ dog gets very stressed by them.

Comment by soe 07.16.17 @ 2:15 am

@Jeannie: Thank you!

Comment by soe 07.16.17 @ 2:15 am