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January 25, 2017

women’s march: d.c.
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Saturday, I headed down to the Mall to the Women’s March along with 1.3 or so million of my closest allies. I was by myself, so I went a little later and, as such, ended up back in the crowd, far past where the sound system for the rally was capable of projecting. Without being able to hear those in the front, folks in the back got restless and started the march an hour before the program was due to end. According to my coworker, the official march didn’t actually get moving until two hours after it was supposed to, by which point I was already walking. So what you’re seeing in my pictures is part of a march that stretched more than four hours long.

Women's March on D.C. 2017

That first shot in the slideshow is from the teach-in Politics and Prose, one of my local indie bookshops, held the afternoon of the Inauguration. Just after I took this shot, an employee had to come and close the door, since they were packed.

The second shot is of the new addition to the Hinckley Hilton, where President Reagan was shot in 1981, taken the night of Inauguration, as I was walking home from grocery shopping.

The rest are from the march itself. (And, really, the shots are just better bigger, so I’d suggest heading over to Flickr to look at them.

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It was the most uplifting day – even here at the sister march in Pittsburgh! However, the images from DC are spectacular! What a phenomenal crowd!

Comment by AsKatKnits 01.25.17 @ 9:29 am

Great pictures! I’m glad that you were there. I am so very proud of all the women (and men and children) who marched.

Comment by Karen 01.25.17 @ 10:00 am

I’m glad you were there! I’m heartened by the enormous response – there were several hundred people at the Mobile march – thank you for the amazing pictures!

Comment by Emily 01.25.17 @ 9:50 pm

So many people! We are the resistance

Comment by Tasha B (heidenkind) 01.26.17 @ 1:59 am

[…] civic responsibility becoming part of my new weekend norm, I need to be a little more organized (and a little more early […]

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