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November 28, 2006

yoga needed
posted by soe 2:12 pm

I think that, after nearly four years away from a weekly yoga practice, it’s time to resume going to class.

After four years of not practicing the skill regularly, the ability to relax with deep yoga breaths is starting to wear off.

My shoulders seem to be permanently around my ears.

My jaw is always clenched, even when I’m asleep.

I have an ongoing headache.

I want a disciplined class again. I want an instructor who corrects your position with the lightest fingertip touch so that you immediately know that your back is not, in fact, yet flat. I want a room filled with camraderie and silence as everyone finds their own boundaries and paths. I want to begin with breathing together as one and sun salutations and to end with corpse pose and namaste and a bow.

And, luckily, I can have that. I live in a hip section of town where yoga studios practically surround the Burrow. It’s just a matter of valuing myself enough to get off my butt and walk three blocks to partake in the next class. Here’s hoping I move in that direction soon.

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I can’t seem to find a yoga class around here 🙁 They’re all aimed at housewives who can take a 10am class mid-week. ARGH!

Comment by Jenn 11.29.06 @ 6:24 am

I would love to find a yoga class nearby as well – but the closest one is about 45 minutes away by car.
Thanks for your comments on my blog recently as well – “alice’s restaurant’ heh heh that’s a good one!

Comment by Teyani 11.29.06 @ 11:50 am

do it! you’ll be glad you did. i studied yoga for years (to fix all the damage of ballet) and then came the kids and lots of time that wasn’t my own. i just started practicing again a few months ago and there are no regrets!

Comment by amanda 11.30.06 @ 9:29 am

I haven’t done yoga since my son was born almost three years ago. I am feeling the same way – with the tightness of the jaw, and the shoulders feeling so tense. Good luck with the yoga class. I haven’t made the time to start back up, but I will!

Comment by angela 12.01.06 @ 5:58 pm