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December 31, 2015

ten things to accomplish before the end of 2015
posted by soe 4:12 am

I know, I know. We’re down to the last day of the year. But I figured I had some things I’d like to do before it’s over:

  1. Sleep.
  2. Deal with the two Groupons that expire tomorrow. (One is transferring money onto my Starbucks card, so that’s easy.)
  3. Finish one last book. (We’re into the final 50 pages or so of a mystery, and I actually don’t know who the murderer is OR who the PI works for. Shocking!)
  4. Complete one last knitting project. (I’ve just got a couple rows to finish, plus two thumbs to knit on my Christmas fingerless mitts that it’s been too warm to wear this year.)
  5. Pay the phone bills.
  6. Send out the last of the Christmas cards. (I like real mail no matter when it arrives. I assume other people will, too.
  7. Unpack. (My carry-on is jam-packed.)
  8. Compose a three beautiful things post.
  9. Go to the movies with Sarah. (We’ve got a trio of films we’re planning to see as this year transitions out and 2016 moves in.)
  10. Call Rudi to wish him a happy new year before he goes to bed. (He’s coaching up in Vermont and likely will be asleep by the time Sarah and I get out of the theater.)

How about you? Are you trying to finish anything up before the clock strikes twelve and the calendar flips over?

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Good luck!

Comment by Karen 12.31.15 @ 10:36 am