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December 15, 2015

advent: day 15
posted by soe 2:35 am

Today’s Virtual Advent Tour host is raidergirl3 from in An Adventure in Reading. She shares some of her favo(u)rite holiday decorations. I love her little wooden birds!

Raidergirl3 (who, incidentally, is running a new reading challenge, Once and Again, in 2016) hails from Prince Edward Island, home of our favorite red-haired orphan of fiction. So today, you get a holiday musical selection from PEI native Lennie Gallant, who penned “I Still Believe” for the documentary Santa Quest, about actor John Dunsworth’s quest to win the Santa Winter Games. (I haven’t seen the film, but Halifax’s The Coast Review suggests “It’s Bad Santa meets Jackass,” which may keep it off my personal to-be-watched list.)

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Aw, I love that you put up Lennie Gallant with my link. I love Lennie’s music so much.
The movie looks, um, intereting? But John Dunsworth is from Trailer Park Boys, and I’ve seen that series (wildly inappropriate, and wildly funny) so I don’t think I’d be shocked by his movie.
PS I see what you did with my favo(u)rite things:)

Comment by raidergirl3 12.15.15 @ 7:19 pm

@raidergirl3: Tee hee!

Comment by soe 12.17.15 @ 3:15 am