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May 26, 2015

ten things i did over the holiday weekend
posted by soe 2:03 am

Today’s post is both for Karen‘s Weekending update and for Carole‘s Ten on Tuesday round-up:

I had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend:

  1. I sat outside for four sunsets in a row. (This looks more light than it actually was.)
  2. Rudi at Mitchell Park

  3. I progressed on my knitting after a few setbacks. Sometimes reading the pattern carefully helps: For instance, did you know that row 101 is not the same as row 1? Or that put a yarn over in between two picked up stitches is not the same as put a yarn over every two picked up stitches. On to the lace edging!
  4. I finished one book and put some serious mileage into a second one, which I picked up on my trip to the library Saturday.
  5. I blew a lot of bubbles. Sometimes there were children around to enjoy them. Other times they were just for me.
  6. Bubbles at Georgetown Waterfront Park

  7. I made strawberry fool for dessert.
  8. Rudi and I went swimming at the local outdoor pool, which opened for the season this weekend.
  9. I took myself out for teatime at a new-to-me cafe along the waterfront. They have streetside garage doors that roll up and tasty French desserts.
  10. Just Your Typical Saturday

  11. I listened to a Beach Boys cover band and picnicked with friends by the river.
  12. I watched a couple stages of the Giro with Rudi and finished my first cycling challenge of the spring (30 miles in 30 days).
  13. Rudi and I harvested the first strawberries from our garden. We ate the initial two on the spot.
  14. Strawberries, by Rudi Riet. All rights reserved.
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Oh, that tea-time looks LOVELY!! What a nice weekend 🙂

Comment by Jenn 05.26.15 @ 8:18 am

@Jenn: It was delicious. The pastry was a Frasier, so it had strawberry jam in the center.

Comment by soe 05.26.15 @ 11:28 am

My husband and I have begun cycling together this spring. HE has cycled for years and years and I’ve only just begun

Comment by kathy b 05.26.15 @ 12:46 pm

I just love sunsets. Especially at this time of year. Nice strawberries! I hope you get to enjoy more over the next few weeks.

Comment by Donna 05.26.15 @ 1:50 pm

@kathy b: Rudi also is a longtime cyclist. I am a destination cyclist, so if you put where I want to go in the middle of a trip, I’m generally game if it isn’t too long.

@Donna: Thanks! The sunset on Sunday was particularly gorgeous, but I was too busy enjoying it and my book to take a photo of it.

Comment by soe 05.28.15 @ 1:59 am