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May 18, 2015

mid-may weekending
posted by soe 2:30 am

The weekend began on the right note with the first Friday night concert of the summer at Yards Park. We broke in my new picnic blanket (thanks, Mum and Dad) and closed down the park, lingering first at one street corner, then another, before bidding our friends adieu for the night. Rudi and I biked home along the Mall, arriving back at the Burrow just after midnight.

Saturday was Rudi’s birthday, which he planned to spend much of on a bike ride. That meant I got to sleep in and then get some reading and some chores done before he came home. We’d invited some friends out for pizza, so after dodging a downpour, we met up with them at the restaurant. We arrived during the dinner rush, but John and Nicole had grabbed a table, so we sat amidst the families and then outlasted them, eventually ordering dessert (which I’d hoped would happen, since I hadn’t baked a cake for Rudi).


This morning, we got up early, since Rudi was hoping to find strawberries at the market. We did, along with these gorgeous, fragrant peonies (and some other things). We watched the David Letterman interview on CBS Sunday Morning and then the final 15 kilometers of the Giro. I dozed for a while. Eventually, Rudi headed out to a picnic with his ski team, and I got on the bike and went to Georgetown. I sat outside and read, returned some library books, hunted in vain for ducklings along the canal (although I did see goslings, turtles, fish, cormorants, cardinals, purple finches, and a great blue heron, flying awkwardly overhead), bought a snack at Dog Tag Bakery, and talked to my folks while sitting canal-side. I stopped at Trader Joe’s for a few items (it’s that rare between-terms period that meant that the store wasn’t crowded on a Sunday evening) and went to the garden to water and plant some potatoes and a few onions before returning home, where I spent the evening reading, watching Battle Creek on tv, and working on my shawlette.

It was a good weekend.

Weekending along with Pumpkin Sunrise.

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I love that picture. I can almost smell the flower!

Comment by Karen 05.18.15 @ 8:47 am

@Karen: They smelled wonderful on Sunday and Monday.

Comment by soe 05.21.15 @ 2:34 am