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December 30, 2014

vacation to-do list
posted by soe 2:24 am

We’re back home and I have a few more days off. Here’s what I’m hoping to do with the time:

Before Wednesday at noon:

  • Send out the last of my Christmas cards.
  • Post my Christmas mix. (I’m still listening to Christmas music. There’s no reason why other people might not be, too.)
  • Mail at least one package.
  • Finish at least one more book.
  • Rewrite last night’s blog post (that somehow got eaten by WordPress instead of published).

Before Friday:

  • Make cookies.
  • Start a new knitting project.
  • Call some friends.
  • If local children are home from vacation, deliver their Christmas presents. (If not, at least get them wrapped for easy delivery later in the month.)
  • Sign up for some January projects/programs/activities.

How about you? Are you still off from work? How are you spending your time?

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I’m glad you made it back home safely, though I wish you were still in CT so that we could get together again!

My plans for this vacation week include…

1. Shopping for containers to store some of the kids’ new toys.
2. Cleaning my office for real (as opposed to just shoving everything into bags to get it out of the way).
3. Going to see the Christmas lights at La Salette Shrine. We always mean to go before Christmas, but somehow it never happens. Good thing they keep the lights up until early January!
4. Finishing a bunch of blog posts.
5. Reading Harry Potter #5 (I finished #4 last night!)
6. Doing craft projects with the kids.

Comment by Karen 12.30.14 @ 12:43 pm