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August 1, 2014

august goals
posted by soe 11:59 pm

Back at the beginning of the year, I vowed I was going to try to achieve three preset goals each month. That fell by the wayside, but I thought I’d revive it this month and see if I could get back into the habit.

This month I’d like to:

  1. See a show: As we were watching the Tony’s this year, we bemoaned the fact that we’ve gotten out of the habit of seeing plays and musicals. We’re heading to New York later this month, and high amongst our goals for the trip is to see a show.
  2. Finish at least three pairs of socks: August holds one of my favorite online knit-alongs — the Sock Knitters Anonymous finish-along. Last year I completed two pairs and I’d like to exceed that this month. I probably have a dozen pairs that are in-progress (starting from earlier this year and dating back as far as 2009).
  3. Complete a bike ride of at least 20 miles: I’ve done several 10-mile days this summer, so it feels like a longer trip is in order. It can be 10 miles out and 10 back (like a ride to Old Town) and there can be a good space of time in between, but it would be nice to get a lengthy daytrip in before Labor Day.

What things would you like to do this month?

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I love your 20 mile goal!~!!! YOu can do it. My August goal: LOST SOME WEIGHT and stop hating looking in the mirror.

Comment by kathy b 08.02.14 @ 4:53 pm

@kathy b: Thank you! Good luck with your goals, too, but definitely make the second part the higher priority!

Comment by soe 08.21.14 @ 1:11 am