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April 21, 2014

posted by soe 2:05 am

This weekend was just too short, and tomorrow starts way too soon.

Easter weekend included:


  • The soft open of the latest location of a local taqueria, owned by a cycley friend of Rudi’s
  • Sleeping in
  • Lunch outside
  • Painting my nails in jellybean colors
  • A potluck pre-Easter dinner with friends
  • Hours of knitting, but not enough (many one step forward, two steps back moments
  • A trip to the farmers market (which netted us peach blossoms, ramps, the first (greenhouse) tomato of the year
  • Hours of digging — and some planting — in the garden
  • Postponing Easter egg dyeing until tomorrow
  • Eating Easter candy


How was your weekend?

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