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November 19, 2012

growing in the garden
posted by soe 5:04 am

When we went down to the garden today to see if we’d successfully grown any sweet potatoes, we discovered we’d managed to grow a pair of red back salamanders.

Autumnal Garden Friend

The one with the red stripe is hiding, but this leadback one woke right up when we shifted the bag of peat they were dozing under. (According to Wikipedia, they start hibernating around 50 degrees, which has been the high temperature recently.)

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SO COOL!!!!!! Isn’t he adorable?! 🙂

Comment by Jenn 11.20.12 @ 7:24 am

@Jenn: I know! When we first moved the peat bag, I thought I’d unearthed some of the millipedes we occasionally grow. It wasn’t until Rudi noticed them that he recognized them for what they were!

Comment by soe 11.23.12 @ 12:36 am