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November 6, 2012

posted by soe 3:08 am

If you were my

One last night on le Mouff'

favorite hat

Knitters watch the pitch while they stitch

and my fingerless mitts

Red Socks

and five pairs of socks, where would you be hanging out waiting for me to find you?

A Complete Pair

When it was just the hat and mitts missing, I thought they could be in the pockets of something I’d neglected to check, but the addition of the socks in the same color family suggest they were the final wash of the season and I put them someplace “safe” but separate from the rest of my woolens.


And I don’t know where that safe place is.

Starburst Socks


Sunset Beach Socks

Please, knit goods, all of you together yell very loudly at exactly the same moment and I will come find you!

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It amazes me how even in small spaces (perhaps more so, due to the resulting layers) things I know I have just disappear. They always reappear. Eventually.

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