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April 7, 2006

tax info found
posted by soe 11:12 pm

Since our tax materials arrived way back in January, we have done one massive “guests are coming!” cleaning and one mini “new furniture is coming!” Essentially this means that we frantically throw papers into plastic bags and shove them out of sight, or as out of sight as in plain sight can be.

I have finally managed to track down my W-2 and 1099 as well as both my federal and district tax forms.

If, however, you have any guesses as to where I might have hidden Rudi’s W-2 or his federal tax form, drop me a line.

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I don’t know ehere the W2 is, but I was wondering if you got all the baseball songs from You Send It. If you didn’t please let me know.

Comment by Kat 04.10.06 @ 10:14 am

Well, recently things I have needed have been hiding themselves by leaping off desks and tables to hide in plain sight on the floor. So, I would go to wherever you think would have been a good idea to put Rudi’s W-2, and then look at the floor surrounding the area. Maybe make someone else do the looking, as some things were completely fnorded from my view despite being out in the open and uncovered.

Comment by Grey Kitten 04.11.06 @ 1:15 pm

GK, Thanks for the tip to look in plain sight. He did find the form Friday night and it didn’t seem to take him very long, so it’s a distinct possibility it was there in front of me all along.

Comment by soe 04.11.06 @ 3:34 pm