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April 15, 2005

visible results
posted by soe 8:18 pm

According to God in tonight’s Joan of Arcadia, “Knitting is the new yoga,” citing its meditative properties. Rudi noted that knitting doesn’t give you the muscles that yoga does. I laughed and asked, “Did you ever notice muscle tone on me when I was doing yoga regularly?” “No,” he admitted. “At least with knitting,” I added, “I get visible results.”

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Wow, you weren’t kidding – there’s even a new quarterly high-end mag for it:


I thought knitting was on the way out (all of the people I know my age who were into knitting a couple of years ago have all moved on), but with a new mag launch like that, I may be wrong, or (heaven forbid!) out of touch. 😉

Comment by forepac 04.18.05 @ 3:21 pm