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February 26, 2006

dnf (end of the knitting olympics)
posted by soe 11:57 pm

knitting olympics logoWell, I gave it a valiant effort, but in the end I fell short.

The start was strong, but ultimately, the finishing was my downfall.

When the cauldron went dark, although I had four booties off the needles and wearable, two of them did not have faces or ears. (The ears were all knit, but not pieced together or on the second pair of socks.)

Some days your best just isn’t enough.

As Rudi (accurately but somewhat cruelly) noted, I took one too many naps last week.

As a consolation, I did manage to knit a hat, sixteen ears, and four booties in the last fourteen days in addition to traveling to St. Louis, working my company’s annual meeting, baking a birthday cake. And taking a whole bunch of naps.

And although I spent almost all of today indoors, I did take a break yesterday in order to do some grocery shopping, enjoy the beautifully warm weather, notice the spring flowers, and eat my first ice cream cone of the season.

It’s disappointing that I didn’t finish knitting the booties the way I wanted to before the end of the Olympics. But the premise was to challenge myself to go above and beyond what I’d done before. And I definitely feel that I did succeed in that regard: I knit something I’d never made before and ended up redesigning the pattern for half the project.

But now I’m going to do what any good Olympian should do after her event is over: have a hot cup of tea, hit the showers, and head to bed.

Congrats to all those Olympians who did finish! You’re inspiring!

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We rooted you on to the very end. Even now, while I am writing this, your mother is waving a giant American flag. The other olympians partied hearty into the night. Wake up Rudi, crank up the stereo with Ricky Martin or Avril and dance away.

Comment by DOD 02.27.06 @ 12:03 am