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September 15, 2011

date night, scholarly habit, and free scoop
posted by soe 8:59 pm

It has not been a great week, which makes it even more important to find those moments of beauty tucked between the rest. Here are three of them:

1. Saturday night Rudi and I have an excellent date — one filled with laughter and chocolate. A comedy show at the new Riot Act comedy club is followed up by dessert at Co Co. Sala.

2. On Friday night I wander into Target in search of a more modest yoga top and leave with a purple, stripey cardigan. Years of fall back-to-school shopping habits have not worn off.

3. One of the deal websites is giving away free scoops to our local ice cream shop. The owner jovially calls everyone cashing in the deal a mobster. My dish of Oreo ice cream is particularly creamy and ends with a big chunk of cookie.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

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I love that cardie!!

Driving to my lesson on Tuesday night, I saw 3 turkey hens and about 20-25 turkey babies on someone’s lawn..and I was not the only one to pull over to get a longer look 🙂

Comment by jenn 09.16.11 @ 6:24 am

Sorry your week wasn’t great. I got some bad news on Monday that a friend’s child passed away unexpectedly, which sort of threw me. Beautiful things:
1) first session of first class of grad school – excitement and a bit of anxiety
2) a huge arc of rainbow after the rain yesterday evening as I went into the library
3) opening the door this morning to enjoy a breath of fall air gets me a sighting of 2 adorable Bichons out for their constitutional (and there has been a similar dog being walked in the mornings over by where I get on metro, along with a beige dog and mom waiting for its owner in the evening – a very doggie week!)

Comment by MJ 09.16.11 @ 6:57 am

@MJ: Way to put my little troubles into perspective. I’m so sorry to read about your friend’s child; I can’t think of anything worse.

Your beautiful things are very exciting. Good luck with grad school!

Comment by soe 09.19.11 @ 1:15 am

@jenn: Me too! I went back this week to try to buy the blue and grey one, but they were out of it in my size. Hopefully I’ll come across one later in the season.

That’s a lot of turkey babies! I’m glad lots of people wanted to see them!

Comment by soe 09.19.11 @ 1:16 am