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December 12, 2005

how totally weird
posted by soe 6:56 pm

Rumors have been flying for a while about who would replace Theo Epstein as the general manager of the Boston Red Sox.

Well, turns out the rumors are true: Jed Hoyer and Ben Cherington have been named co-general managers.

Why is this weird or particularly noteworthy, you ask?

Because I actually know Jed Hoyer!

He and I worked at Wesleyan in the same division for a couple of years. We hardly knew each other well enough to have lunch, but we knew each other well enough for me to attend his farewell bash when he left the university to head up to Boston.

I guess it really is a small world.

And, for the record, that makes two Wesleyan alums heading up major New England sports teams. Wherefore art thou, Williams?

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