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May 13, 2010

clean, snapshots, and nest
posted by soe 11:30 pm

Rudi, Julia, and I spent the evening at the Argonaut eating, drinking, and catching up. It was a lovely way to spend a Thursday and a great way to start our weekly three beautiful things post:

1. On Sunday I spent time washing our (subterranean) living room windows — inside and out. The difference was instantaneous — and surprising.

2. A letter from Rebs includes pictures of their new puppy and of a growing son. He’s no longer in that toddler stage and it’s obvious even in still imagery that he’s now a little boy.

3. Phoebe’s nest cam, located in a California rose bush, shows a tiny iridescent hummingbird sitting on her nest and two eggs. Monday morning offered occasional views of the first hatchling and by Tuesday morning, we could see both babies (complete with what my coworker Sarah termed “back mohawks”) during the occasional times when Phoebe left for a snack run. (Hat tip to Jill for the link. And a reminder that the nest is best viewed during daylight hours in California.)

What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

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Hehe – my coworker and I watch Phoebe all during work – we were so sad when a month or two ago they took her chicks away because they weren’t doing so well 🙁

Comment by Jenn 05.14.10 @ 5:37 am

Ack – that wasn’t a beautiful thing at all, was it? Sorry!! Despite that, I love the hummingbird cam – so teeny!!

Comment by Jenn 05.14.10 @ 5:40 am

Ah ha! Here’s a beautiful thing that just happened – I don’t know if she thought I looked sad or what, but the girl at the local ice cream stand packed twice as much ice cream as normal into my cup tonight – I had to put some in a tupperware for tomorrow! Breakfast, maybe? 🙂

Comment by Jenn 05.14.10 @ 8:07 pm

Wow the hummingbird cam is super cool!!! Beautiful thing today – hmmm. When my neighbors daughters finally went home after camping out here for the last 2 days. LOL. Ok, maybe not traditionally beautiful but atleast I have a little bit of peace back.

Comment by Heather 05.16.10 @ 6:46 pm