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August 4, 2005

nats fun
posted by soe 12:23 am

Rudi and I saw our tenth Nationals game tonight.

I have to admit: I’ve been feeling a little guilty. You see, as a baseball fan, my allegiances are divided and I remain more a Mets fan than I am a Nats fan. So when the Mets came to town at the beginning of July, I cheered them on over the home team. And the Mets went on to win the series.

And that was the end of the Nationals’ winning streak. They have not won a series since then. I ruined it for them.

So I was eager to get to tonight’s game and reassure them that I still liked them quite a bit and that I would be pleased if they started winning again. Because while I still hold hopes that the Mets will get their act together and move up in the rankings, I would be almost as happy if the Nationals clinched the NL East, particularly if it came at the cost of the Braves. (Sorry, was that my outside voice?)

And clearly they needed to hear that. Because they won 3-1 tonight off home runs from left fielder Preston Wilson (son of former Met Mookie Wilson) and first baseman Nick Johnson.

And just in case it didn’t fully process, I’d like them to understand that I expect them to win again tomorrow.

The night was warm — the flags atop the stadium wall hardly fluttered until the eighth inning — and the fans and players seemed a little lethargic during the first few innings.

I had mixed results on the food front — the anti-drunk-driving folks gave me two free soda tickets, but the veggie dog/pizza stand had run out of the appropriate cups (as they seem to at every game). I don’t understand why each stand isn’t just given more cups than they expect to use — they wouldn’t think of short-changing them on the mega-sized cups.

Matt and Marsha were our seatmates for the night. They opted to spend their ninth anniversary with us and the Nats. We appreciated their company, and I think the Nats were putting on a good show for them in lieu of a card.

So, congratulations, Nationals, on notching your latest win, and congratulations, too, to Matt and Marsha on nine years of marriage.

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You ruined it for them? Well, I guess they will be happy to know that you have seen the error and reverted to using your powers for good.

I’d keep quiet about these abilities if I were you. The Professional Gambling people might take umbrage. Or they might “hire” you and force you to relocate to Vegas, but they probably wouldn’t let you go to the M&M store, so it wouldn’t be any fun at all.

Comment by Grey Kitten 08.04.05 @ 3:01 pm