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February 18, 2009

tea time!
posted by soe 3:07 am

I admit it. I like to send out themed packages to random strangers and get presents back in return.

The most recent swap was tea-themed. I figured that since Mum and Rudi and Danny had all given me lovely tea presents at Christmas that I’d better expand my horizons and a group on Ravelry offered to have someone send me some fun tea goodies.

Brenda in Rochester, New York, sent me a box that arrived while I was away in Chicago. I came home to this wonderfulness:

Tea Swap Goodies

She sent me three teas from a company local to her. They are Warm Hearts (an herbal blend Rudi is particularly interested in breaking into), Caramel Cream (which purports to have little bits of caramel pieces interspersed with the leaves), and Royal Blend (which was Ceylon and green teas blended together with some pretty blue flowers). I made a pot of the Royal Blend last night to drink with the vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie Rudi prepared, and it’s really tasty. Definitely one I’d consider buying more of.

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