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September 30, 2008

posted by soe 3:24 pm

olssonsOlsson’s Books and Records has shuttered their last four locations.

Remember, it may be cheaper to buy online or from a big box store, but you’ll never beat the locals for personal attention and local knowledge.

Local business owners are your neighbors. The same civic quality-of-life issues that matter to you matter to them.

If you don’t support them with your money*, they will fail.

Pardon me while I shed a few tears into my teacup…

*I am not suggesting that you spend your money unwisely. Obviously, if you can’t afford to buy a book at your local bookstore, you shouldn’t do so just to help keep them afloat. But I can live in a world without Amazon a whole lot more comfortably than I can in a world where small businesses are shuttered.

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damn it!!! this is just bad mojo for my morning. srsly!! when i would come home from WCU, i would go to one because this store was just HOME to me, ya know?? i’m so sad. i kinda remind myself of how my rents reacted when “Third Day” closed in Dupont. When shit like this happens, your world is rocked a little, and not in a good way!

Comment by laura 10.01.08 @ 5:40 am