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February 23, 2020

sunday plans
posted by soe 2:30 am

Phoenix Bike Mural

I’m currently hanging out at the Phoenix airport waiting for the red-eye plane that will take me home. It’s been a long couple days and I’m done. I may not be awake long enough for the flight attendant instructions.

But I will make good use of tomorrow. I should arrive home just as the farmers market opens, so I’ll take the compost over and get some breakfast before I take a short nap with Corey.

I have bowling in the early afternoon (thus only a short sleep) and would like to follow that up by planting some peas in my garden. And maybe I’ll return a few things to the library.

Tomorrow night I need to stay awake long enough to watch the final installment of Sanditon and to greet Rudi when he returns from coaching in central Pennsylvania. However, I’m betting he won’t object too much if I want to make it an early night. Monday’s coming fast, after all… (Plus, the next work trip begins on Wednesday.)

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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February 22, 2020

greetings from phoenix
posted by soe 8:49 am

Fatty Daddy Cookie Cone

I dozed off wothout writing, so here’s a quick morning post:

I’m writing from Phoenix, where I have a work event this weekend. I had some time yesterday and got to do a little exploring, which included finding Fatty Daddy, home of this wondrous concoction. That would be a waffle cone with gelato, a macaron, and a toasted marshmallow on top.

What an amazing city!

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February 21, 2020

trio, camels, and loss
posted by soe 12:52 am

Three beautiful things from my past week:

Birthday Cake #3

1. I may have mentioned my birthday was last Friday and that I went home and that my mother brought out a cake. And then another cake that she’d made. Two seemed decadent enough, but then the next day there was a third cake. Three cakes!!! The last was a jelly roll style Mum made with vanilla cake and strawberry frosting enrobed in chocolate. Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m definitely going to turn 46 more often if there are this many cakes involved!

Birthday Roll

2. My alumni association sends Valentine’s Day postcards to couples who met during college. It always makes me extra excited to see it arrive in the mail.

3. We lost at volleyball this week, which doesn’t naturally seem like a beautiful thing. But our teams were well matched, the games were tight, we played well, and the score could have gone either way. It felt great to walk away after an hour knowing we’d left everything on the court.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world lately?

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February 20, 2020

mid-february unraveling
posted by soe 1:46 am

I’m at a point where I’m trying to finish up some lingering projects, which would be easier if they were further along, if I had more energy to work on them, or if I devoted more time to crossing them off the list. Instead, I read a chapter or two at lunch, knit one color, and then put them away, seemingly surprised that they aren’t done yet.

So here we are, still less than 100 pages into We Met in December (which is also when I began reading) and not yet to the heel turn on sock #1.

Mid-February Unraveling

A Fatal Grace has returned itself to the library, but I am on the holds list for the audiobook at 3 libraries, so am hopeful that it will revert to me, if not for this week’s trip, then likely before next week’s. I’ve downloaded Helen Hoang’s The Bride Test for this week, but the first chapter makes me wonder if I’d prefer to read it on paper. Time will tell.

Head over to As Kat Knits to catch up with people who make more steady progress toward their knitting and reading goals.

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February 19, 2020

midweek music: ‘you’re still you’
posted by soe 1:03 am

You may or may not remember this tv show, Ally McBeal, from the turn of the century. It was a bunch of young, mostly well-intentioned Gen X lawyers who were gifted in the courtroom, but a hot mess in their personal lives. As with many shows at that time, it also had a phenomenal soundtrack (who knew before then, for instance, that Robert Downey Jr. had such a lovely voice?).

But this moment, at the end of season four, in 2001, marked a particular moment in time, when a teen whose prom date had dumped him at the last minute (I think he retained Ally to sue the girl, lost, and then brought Ally as his date) got up on stage to sing to the girl he’d loved and instead sang his way into the heart of America.

Josh Groban was only 20 when he made this appearance.

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February 18, 2020

top ten most recent book hangovers
posted by soe 1:13 am

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday from That Artsy Reader Girl asks us to share our ten most recent book hangovers — those books that we either absolutely could not put down, no matter the hour or consequence, or those that kept us so enthralled even after the final page was finished that we couldn’t move on to another book.

I had to go back almost a year and a half to get to ten, but I finally made it:

  1. Kate Racculia’s Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts is a tightly paced, slightly over-the-top story with quirky, lovable characters that wanted to keep living in my head even after the final page was turned, which seems appropriate given the storyline.
  2. Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory was such a sweet holiday romance that it wanted to be finished on back-to-back days, so it was good I read it over Christmas break.
  3. The same thing happened with Jasmine Guillory’s The Proposal, but in that case it was during baseball season instead of the holiday setting.
  4. Caravel by Stephanie Garber was also a fast read, full of a layered plot and unreliable characters and questionable motives.
  5. Check, Please! Book One: #Hockey by Ngozi Ukazu was an unusual read for me in that I don’t care at all about hockey, but I loved this book. And while I enjoy graphic novels, reading them gives me a little bit of a headache, so it’s rare for me to read them singly or for prolonged periods at a time. So it’s a real testament to Ukazu’s charming characters and New England elite liberal arts college setting that kept me absolutely glued to the pages.
  6. Just as it’s rare for me to power through a graphic novel, it’s also unusual for me to progress quickly through an audiobook. But with The Lido by Libby Page, a novel about community activism and friendship and the power of journalism, I finished it in less than a week, which means I was spending a lot of my spare time listening, rather than just while I was washing the dishes at night.
  7. Dear Mrs. Bird by A.J. Pearce was another quick read, with a wartime setting and a BFF schism making everything more urgent.
  8. Ghosts of Greenglass House by Kate Milford is the second in a series. Checking in with old friends in a familiar, well-loved setting made this a one-day read.
  9. I did not love Barbara Kingsolver’s Unsheltered when I read it, but it refuses to fully release me from its spell, pulling me back into its unsettling orbit even now on occasion.
  10. Harbor Me by Jacqueline Woodson was another fast read, rapidly investing me in its group of kids who go from forced support group to support network.

How about you? What recent book hangovers have you suffered from? ‘Fess up in the comments!

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