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April 6, 2019

first weekend of april planning
posted by soe 2:53 am

April has arrived, as has its first weekend. It’s supposed to be comfortable and dry, if not actually sunny. Here’s what I’m hoping it includes:

  • Try my hand at macarons. I made them once several years ago and they were not my biggest success. Over Christmas and my birthday, Mum got me set up with a pan, fun food coloring, and a cookbook, which I’ve now perused. Keep your fingers crossed they turn out less … flat … than last time!
  • Check on my garden. Maybe I’ll have to put in supports for the peas!!!
  • See Shazam!
  • Head to Virginia for a library book sale.
  • Put together a bag for Goodwill. Volleyball shirts keep falling on my head every time I open my closet door, which means it’s time to send some of them away.
  • Visit a friend. His home remodeling is complete and he’s invited folks to stop by to check it out.
  • Finish my book.
  • Listen to some baseball.
  • Reorganize our hallway closet. We need to empty out the car and reshuffle our seasonal items (no more need to have my ice skates accessible, but the portable hammock might be a plus!), both of which means taking a look at what is actually taking up space in our non-clothes closet. I’m hoping there’s an untapped air pocket in there. (That is actually possible, since I used to have a gigantic clothing bag in there that’s no longer being used.)
  • Enjoy the cherry blossoms and maybe the fireworks celebrating them.
  • Send out some birthday cards. (This also means figuring out where my stamps are hiding, since I don’t want to have to keep using my Snowy Day stamps now that it’s spring!)
  • Eat pizza.

How about you? What are you hoping to do this weekend?

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