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January 3, 2019

first unraveling of 2019
posted by soe 4:07 am

First Unraveling of 2019

I’ve only got half of this week’s unraveling here, having not knit a stitch in a week. I will put a pair of socks on the needles tomorrow and will pull out a project that’s further along to work on until I am feeling like working on the shawl I showed you last week.

I am delighted to report though, that I am enjoying the latest Lady Sherlock novel, The Hollow of Fear, tremendously. Charlotte is currently masquerading as Sherrinford Holmes, brother to the fictional Sherlock, whom she also portrays in the series, hoping to figure out how the estranged wife of her dearest friend, Lord Ashcroft Ingram, ended up dead in his ice house. Sherrinford cuts a far more dandified figure than Sherlock, who is too much an invalid to see anyone in person, relying on intermediaries to relate his revelations to those seeking his expertise.

Next up will be An American Marriage and Children of Blood and Bone, both of which were due back to the library today. The latter has a far shorter wait list to take it out again, should I decide to be an upright library user and return them immediately. (We have a 30 day grace period before fines kick in…)

I finished listening to the last of Cornelia Funke’s When Santa Fell to Earth last night. I should listen to the last few chapters of American Street so I can stop having to borrow and reborrow it. It’s stressful, though, so I tend to be inclined to leave it until it’s too late to listen to what remains before it expires from my phone… After that, I’m thinking The Lido, which I understand makes you feel good about life.

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