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July 9, 2018

low-key weekending
posted by soe 1:51 am

A Cezanne Portrait

This was a not particularly exciting weekend. On Friday, we went out to eat at our favorite pizzeria, where they have outdoor seating.

Saturday, we watched some bike racing and I started my new knitting project. I did some chores. I went out to the suburbs to make a return and bought some new clothes. I also renewed my library card for the town adjacent to ours and checked out the (relatively) new space for one of the local yarn shops. (I came away empty-handed.)

Wonder Woman Set

Sunday, I went to the farmers market, where I was excited to find smoothie bowls had returned to one of my favorite baker’s stands. This week it was roasted peach. Yum. I went to the Cezanne exhibition. It was of his post-Impressionist portraits, so while I’m glad I went, I wasn’t as blown away as I would have been if it had been his Impressionist landscapes. (I did stop by the Impressionists before leaving the museum.) On the way home, I stopped by where Wonder Woman was being filmed. They’d populated a couple blocks with ’80s cars and extras with big shoulder pads and bigger hair. Unfortunately, no scenes were being shot when I stopped by and I decided I didn’t need to wait. I then hit up the pool, the garden, and the park, where Rudi met me after work and where we stayed until after the final notes of “Taps” had faded away.

So nothing overly exciting, but nothing terrible either. Just a low-key weekend.

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