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May 12, 2018

mother’s day weekend to-do list
posted by soe 1:49 am

Friday Sunset

Rudi’s and my mothers don’t live in town, so unfortunately we won’t have the chance to see them in person this weekend and will have to make do with phone calls. But the thing about reaching middle age is that you become highly aware just how lucky you are that you’re able to make do in that way.

Other things I’m hoping to be lucky enough to do this weekend:

  • Like last weekend, this Saturday features open houses. This week’s are the members of the EU. I’ve got my eye on four of them — Sweden, the Netherlands (I’ve visited them before, but not in their current embassy), Ireland, and the Czech Republic — but they’re in different areas of town, so I may not hit them all.
  • The Funk Parade is tomorrow, as well. I went a couple years ago and had a good time. It’s going to be in the 90s, though, and it overlaps with the embassies, so it may not all work out.
  • Rudi’s heading to a show tomorrow night, so I may take myself out to eat.
  • One of the farmers said last week that they should have morels this Sunday, so I’ll be up early Sunday to get there before they run out.
  • The garden is Sunday’s top priority, since I bought a dozen plants or so last weekend that need to go into the ground. I have more things growing than usual this year, so I admit I’m not totally sure how I’m going to squeeze them all in.
  • I need to run over to the library to return an overdue DVD. If I finish either of the two books I’m reading, they’re overdue, as well.
  • The Timeless season (hopefully not series) finale airs Sunday, so you’ll find us in front of the tv at that point. We don’t get PBS in over the air, so Little Women has to wait for streaming on Monday.
  • I’d like to make strawberry shortcake. Anyone have a shortcake recipe they’re particularly fond of? I grew up with the Bisquick recipe, so that’s what I like best. (You must be able to approximate Bisquick from scratch, right?)
  • I’m making good progress on my sock, so there’s a possibility that I might finish it.
  • Cleaning. I don’t want to do it, but it’s overdue, so I really need to deal with some of it.

How about you? What do you hope your weekend includes?

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