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November 23, 2017

unraveling on wednesday
posted by soe 12:00 am

No photo today, but I’ve got several things with me in Connecticut for the holiday weekend. The pumpkin socks did not get finished, but I think I can wrap them up while watching the parade in the morning if I don’t doze off too many times. I also brought my purple and green shawl, which just needs the edging applied. And I brought a skein of yarn for socks and one for a hat, depending on what I feel like starting next. I have a skein of yarn for a hat somewhere at home that I remember buying at Sheep & Wool two (three?) years ago that I really want to knit, but I’ve torn apart the stash twice hunting for it without success.

On the reading front, I brought three books north with me: I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter, The Unbreakable Code, and A Most Extraordinary Pursuit, so I’m set whether I want middle grade, YA, or an adult mystery.

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