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September 18, 2016

solo weekending
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Rudi was away this weekend, which meant a lot of my actions had to be justified to no one but myself.

Friday night, I picked up a pizza and soda and took it over to a school field where they were showing the latest Star Wars movie. It was a lovely night, and a good start to the weekend. I also started a new book, The Wrath and the Dawn, an adaptation of One Thousand and One Nights, which I’m enjoying quite a bit.

Saturday, I slept in and was lolling around the house contemplating a trip to the library when a friend texted to say he and his family were nearby and was I maybe interested in meeting them at the park. I gathered my library books to return and headed over, getting to spend a couple hours in a playground getting caught up. They dropped me off at the library on their way home, which was fortunate, because it gave me time to grab my holds and use the bathroom before the branch closed.

Hot Chocolate and Coffee Cake at Baked and Wired's Parklet

Peckish, I wandered down to Georgetown and stopped in at my favorite D.C. bakery. I think I’ve mentioned before that Baked and Wired serves their large hot chocolates in parfait glasses, topping them with thick, homemade whipped cream and chocolate chips. Because the line for the bakery side was half a block long, I picked from the four quick breads they keep on the coffeeshop side (conveniently line-free). The slice of cardamom coffee cake was light and moist and pleasantly spiced and was the perfect accompaniment to the rich chocolate drink. I started reading one of the books from the library, Jason Reynolds’ Ghost, named last week to the long list of the National Book Award in the young people’s literature category. Friday was Parking Day in D.C., when organizations and businesses can request to take over a parking spot for the day and turn it into a temporary park. Baked and Wired had taken part and had seen the merits of leaving extra seating up through their normal weekend rush. It was a pleasant way to spend the waning daylight.

This morning, I awoke early, arriving at the farmers market as they opened. We’re getting to the tail end of the summer produce season in the region, so farmers were warning this would be their final week or so of corn on the cob and peaches. I picked up quite a few of each, as well as two more bunches of basil to supplement last week’s batch of pesto. I ate breakfast, watched some tv, did some chores, and then headed down to the garden, determined to harvest my potatoes. I spent two hours in my plot, digging up potatoes, putting in some more that had gone by, harvesting some peppers, turning and supplementing soil, and planting some seeds for lettuces and winter greens. I returned home to find Rudi had just gotten back, and we headed to the park to enjoy the last of the weekend’s light.

How was your weekend?

Weekending along with Karen at Pumpkin Sunrise.

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