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July 6, 2016

ten on tuesday: ten things i did this weekend
posted by soe 1:58 am

Fourth Festive

Weekending along with Karen and Carole:

  1. Missed the thunderstorm and got to picnic with Shawn and Sarah. We saw gigantic catfish and ate ice cream cones.
  2. Nature's Fireworks

    Witnessed nature’s fireworks (a good thing since the manmade ones ended up being canceled after the ballgame went late.

  3. Picked up some books and my latest summer reading prize at the library.
  4. Chilling on a Saturday
    Rudi at the Potomac

    Read and ate doughnuts along the river with Rudi.

  5. Started a new knitting project for the Tour de France knit along and watched a lot of bike racing.
  6. Went to the farmers market.
  7. Blackberries

    Pulled out imitation strawberries and other vines from my garden. Ate peas. Checked on the blackberries growing on the fence. (This week…)

  8. Slept in.
  9. Saw The BFG at the cinema. We both really liked it.
  10. Fireworks 2016

    Biked down to the Lincoln Memorial and watched the fireworks through the fog and drizzle. (If you were watching A Capitol Fourth, you saw fireworks from previous, clearer years.)

How was your holiday weekend?

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