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May 7, 2015

early may yarn along
posted by soe 2:00 am

I’ll be honest: I haven’t really felt like reading or knitting anything in the last few weeks.

Yarning Along in Early May

Every few days I knit a couple rows on my Lazy Katy shawlette. The yarn is Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic Dégradé and there was a knot partway into the skein, which explains the weird color changes that will jump out at knitters, but hopefully not to too many other people. I am nearly done with the expanded stockinette body and will next turn to the lace edging. Despite my slow progress, I am looking forward to wearing it.

The books are ones that I’ve dipped into over the last month: The Pratchett is the first in the Discworld series, of which I’ve only read the first Tiffany Aching novel. Fablehaven was a Christmas gift from Karen, and I purposely put it aside to read this spring during my annual fantasy readalong. The Soul of Baseball is about one of the Negro League’s great names and promises (literally, in several places on the dust jacket) to be uplifting and make you feel better about life. I could use both right now, as well as being a general fan of baseball stories. Finally, the Sherlock Holmes companion piece is a collection of short works that accompany works in Conan Doyle’s canon. I admit I haven’t actually opened that one yet, but I’d like to see if I can’t read Gramma-style stories without weeping through them.

Yarning along about books and crafting with Ginny.

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