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December 17, 2014

the play’s the thing
posted by soe 2:46 am

While I have hopes in the final two weeks of the year of sharing some of the things I’ve been reading in 2014, I thought it was time to start planning for next year. I know I’ve been woefully bad at blogging books since I did that stint of judging the Cybils two years ago, really, and I’d like to get back to writing about what I’m reading again.

I’d also like to broaden my reading a bit and so am planning to join a few reading challenges/readalongs in 2015 in addition to my annual participation in Carl’s Once Upon a Time challenge.

First up is Play On, hosted by Half-Filled Attic. This challenge asks participants to read a play a month for the first four months of the year, divvying them up by era: ancients, Renaissance, post-Renaissance, and a freebie of your choosing.

This seems reasonable and jibes with my desires to read more non-novels, to read more classics, and to read a Shakespeare play a year. I may be looking for some suggestions as we get closer.

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