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December 14, 2014

jar opener
posted by soe 1:40 am

Have you ever had difficulty getting a jar open? If so, I have novel solution:

Place the jar on the floor. Feel free to leave it in the bag you used to carry it home from the store.

Take one cat. (You may borrow Corey if you don’t have one of your own.)

Add one bicycle, parked in its usual spot, but maybe not quite balanced.

Have the cat jump on the bicycle, as is his wont.

And, voila! The cat will tip over the bicycle, and the brake lever will cleanly puncture the lid of the jar, saving you the strain of trying to open it on your own!

Ta da!

What’s that you say? It seems unlikely that the events will unfold in just this way, and isn’t it far more likely that the jar will break, rendering its contents unusable?

Why, yes, I suppose you’re right. It does seem unlikely…

Punctured Jar Lid

(And, yes, my first thought was how glad I was that the brake lever encountered a jar of tomato sauce, rather than Corey’s head.)

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