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December 11, 2014

posted by soe 2:00 am

One of the things Rudi and I really wanted to get done before our party was to hang the new artwork we’d bought this year. I tracked down a frame for the print we bought on the High Line in New York City this summer and we contemplated where we’d like it to go, but that’s where that project still remains.

We did, however, hang some pictures we were given last Christmas. My aunt is a professional photographer and, inspired by the photos we took and gave as gifts the year we went to France, they began giving us framed pieces each year. For a while, I rotated the artwork periodically over my bookshelf, but I’ve gotten lazy over time and, anyway, I have something else I want to go in that spot.

While I was dusting the stuff on top of the pie chest (which holds yarn, not pies), I realized there was adequate room above it for the paired photos my aunt gave us last Christmas. After getting them hung, I went to see if any of her other pieces would work on the adjoining wall and discovered that one of them fit perfectly.


I also rearranged a few things on the pie chest to better display the photos and other tchotchkes already there.

I know it slowed our cleaning process down significantly (more than an hour was lost on Saturday as we both went looking for the picture hooks I knew were someplace in the apartment), but I’m really pleased with the result and am so happy every time I look over there and see filled walls.

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